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There is no on-size fits all in sleep consulting. And that is why here at BEBaby, we customize every plan to fit your needs.


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The support you need when you need it. With every program you get unlimited instant messaging support through a private messenger link directly on your phone.


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With beBaby you have the assurance that you are in good hands. Samantha, is. registered nurse clinician, sleep consultant, breastfeeding consultant, fertility specialist and a childbirth educator. As a mom of 3 under 3, and her professional baggage, there is nobody better equipped to assist you and understand you.

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As a mom of 3 under 3, I know the struggle! And as a nurse clinician, birth educator, fertility, breastfeeding, & sleep consultant... I KNEW I had to do something to help a mama out! Become a BeBaby parent, get empowered, and take charge of your parenting journey.

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Meet our Expert Panel & Our Resident Mama's of large families!

Within the BeBaby Membership program, included with each and every program purchased, you gain instant access to our Expert's Panel made up for professionals carefully selected to answer your burning questions as well as our Resident Mama's, mama's of LARGE families who KNOW what your going through, who have been there, and have an unlimited supply of highly valuable information to share with you to make your life easier.


"We were in desperate need of sleep and Bebaby was amazing. Samantha was always there for our concerns and came up with different way for our twins to be able to finally sleep. I would recommend at any age.  Samantha’s solutions helped us get much needed rest. Thank you for all your great work."


Sonia Ravenda Tomassone



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