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The three pillars of peace of mind parenting 


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There is no on-size fits all in sleep consulting. And that is why here at BEBaby, we customize every plan to fit your needs.



Unlimited Support

The support you need when you need it. With every program you get unlimited instant messaging support through a private messenger link directly on your phone.



Healthcare professional


Created by healthcare professionals, BeBaby includes a panel of experts to ensure all of your Childs needs are met.

Created by mothers for mothers!


Samantha St-Louis, CEO & Founder of BeBaby.

- Registered Nurse Clinician

- Sleep, breastfeeding, childbirth, and parenting consultant

- Mother of 4 under 4


As the CEO & founder, a work-from-home mom with 4 under 4 running around, she knows where you're coming from, she knows what you want, and she knows how to get it for you. 


As a renown expert in her field, Samantha created the Peace of Mind Parenting program after years of hearing parents' concerns, needs, and desires.

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"We were in desperate need of sleep and BeBaby was amazing. Samantha was always there for our concerns and came up with a different way for our twins to be able to finally sleep. I would recommend her at any age.  Samantha’s solutions helped us get much-needed rest. Thank you for all your great work."


Sonia Ravenda Tomassone

"Samantha and I go back to college days. I remember her as a young woman who strove for excellence and diligence. Over a decade of experience only made her passion grow. I watched Samantha enter motherhood, I witnessed her note the lack of resources and support that modern parents face, and then I sat in awe as she made the leap to provide services to close that gap. If you want a professional, compassionate and conscientious addition to public healthcare, Samantha is your woman."


Natasha Schneider



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